Estates and stewardship service

Bournville Village Trust provide the Estates and Stewardship service for Lightmoor Village.

Bournville Village Trust provide the estates and stewardship service for Lightmoor Village, this means we work in partnership with developers and partners to maintain a distinctive and sustainable community.

Our services are shaped by residents and include:

  • Providing an estate caretaker service to maintain courtyards and keep the open spaces that we manage clean and green
  • Providing support if you’re planning to make any changes to your home which impacts on how it looks externally
  • Maintaining the look and character of the village and managing breaches of the Lightmoor Village Design Guide
  • Working in partnership with others to build a strong and inclusive community through events, activities, and resident groups

Our aim is to make Lightmoor Village:

  • A safe place to live
  • A place where people are valued and everyone can make a contribution
  • A place where people come together and demonstrate inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability
  • A place where individuals and the community as a whole are empowered and motivated to take ownership of their community
  • A place where opportunities exist and are promoted to improve an individual’s health and well being

If you’d like further information on our services or need support, please email the team at [email protected] or call 01952 898524.