Meet the BVT Lightmoor team

If you would like to contact one of the team, you can call 01952 898524, email [email protected] or fill in our online contact form.

Fleur is responsible for the Lightmoor Estates and Stewardship team, overseeing the service and all activity, planning and resolving issues.

As well as supporting the Estates and Stewardship team in a number of areas, Jackie is also responsible for ensuring all required paperwork and processes are followed in the buying and selling of homes in the Village.

Darren is available to support all residents in ensuring the character and look of the Village is maintained. Darren can support residents throughout the process of applying to make a property alteration.

Donna is responsible for communications relating to Lightmoor Village including updating BVT Lightmoor social media pages, website and creating newsletters, blogs and responding to online queries.

You will see our team of Estate Caretakers around the Village as they strive to keep Lightmoor Village clean, green and safe.