Get involved

As a Lightmoor Village resident there are opportunities to be involved in events, groups and community activities. These include supporting seasonal events, being a member of a group looking at specific issues or volunteering.

If there is something that is particularly important to you, we can work with you to help you access funding that can make a positive difference to your community.

For more information on the different ways in which you can get involved, please contact us on 01952 898524 or email [email protected]

Groups we are currently looking to develop and are keen for residents to be involved in are:

Creating ideas and helping deliver community events and activities with our partners. Making sure our community places and spaces are used to their fullest potential. To meet on a bi-monthly basis.

Consulting with BVT to improve stewardship services and trialling new initiatives. Ensuring residents’ voices are heard and opportunities created.

For those interested in our green spaces, wildlife and gardening. Looking at future opportunities such as a community allotment or expanding the current garden gang, which involves pupils from Lightmoor Village Primary School going to Bournville House to garden with residents and staff.