Update from Keepmoat

Posted on: 20 Jun 23


We’ve been informed this morning that due to the rain yesterday, progress has been slightly delayed, which means the road closure today will now take place approx 12.30pm-3.00pm. Please share the information amongst your neighbours and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Keepmoat have provided the following for this week’s update in relation to The Paddocks:

Dear Residents

As part of our on-going updates we would re-confirm the previous dates remain as detailed below. We request in advance that residents ensure vehicles are placed off road as required to allow works to progress.  

We are pleased to confirm all works are progressing well and are currently hitting timescales agreed. 

Next Stages for surfacing:

  1. Crystal Drive – Road binder course commenced 19th June followed by surface course commencing 26th June. 8.00am to 17.00pm under full road closure for the dates mentioned only – works have taken place and have moved along more swiftly than anticipated
  2. Monksmoor Road (o/side no.17 up to no.65) & New Meadow Drive (o.side no.53 down to no. 31) – Road binder course commenced 20th June followed by surface course commencing 27th June. 8.00am to 17.00pm under full road closure for the dates mentioned only
  3. New Meadow Drive (o/side no.29/31 down to entrance) & Entrance area New Meadow Drive – Road binder course commences 21st June followed by surface course commencing 28th June. 8.00am to 17.00pm under full road closure for the dates mentioned only
  4. Following completion of the above surfacing works our sub-contractors will follow on with the highway white lining works, this has been programmed to commence early July.  

Where the entrance to The Paddocks will be closed to all traffic on Wednesday 21st June between approximately 10am and 12pm (2 hours) please do make arrangements to be at your chosen destination at this time as there will be no vehicle access other than emergency vehicles.  

Our sub-contractors will continue to liaise with residents in the areas affected and maintain traffic management systems on site to facilitate works. The final stages following surfacing works will be to carry out Highway inspections, de-mobilisation of compound and reinstatement of POS area and planting as required.

We thank you for your ongoing co-operation during these works. If you have any queries relating to this information, please contact us via [email protected]


Road binder course/surface cause is the build-up of layers for the road construction below the final surfacing course.

Sub-contractors are Conro & Sons and they will letter drop in areas they are working.

The traffic management system will vary depending on the type of work, for some areas the machinery is larger and so may have to part close sections of road/half width carriageways, it will be suited to the operation in hand.

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