Resident Blog - Josh's passion about the environment

Posted on: 04 Jul 23

From BVT in Lightmoor Village and on behalf of all residents, we’d love to say a huge thank you to Josh, who is currently making a difference in his home community while he completes his Duke of Edinburgh Award. We caught up with Josh to find out how he’s getting on:

Josh how old are you and how long have you lived in Lightmoor Village?

I’m 14 and I’ve lived in Lightmoor Village for six years.

Why did you decide to do the Duke of Edinburgh award?

I wanted to find something that gave me a chance to learn new skills and express my ideas to others, it also give me a chance to do things that I think are important.

What does it involve?

There are four sections to complete; Volunteering, physical, skills and expedition sections.

Why did you decide to litterpick?

For my volunteering session I decided to do litter picking around the village because I think it’s important to keep our natural world around us clean and litter free. I see the estate caretakers litter picking but they can’t do it 24/7, so I hope to raise awareness and ask that everyone always puts rubbish into bins even if it isn’t yours.

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